You can’t possible expect to visit Southern France without indulging in the rich local olives we grow on and surrounding the property. My father considers the olive grove as much one of his children as my brother and me. He tends to it like it’s an infant needing attention and maintenance. He talks about the olive grove like it has feelings and thoughts. Instead of, “I gotta water the grove” he’ll proclaim proudly at breakfast, “The grove seems thirsty so I’ll be spending most of the day with her.”


He also takes great care to maintain the Olive Loft – the most family-oriented of our lodging options. The Olive Loft is a three-bedroom full apartment with three large bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and entertainment room. It’s two stories with the master suite on the top floor looking out over the olive grove and the two bedrooms and two bathrooms situated around the entertainment room downstairs – both downstairs bedrooms have sliding doors out to the private pool. And each downstairs bedroom is about sixteen steps to the house’s wood-burning fireplace.


We do offer the meal-planning option for this loft including a kid-specific menu. Local fresh peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches are always available. And you haven’t had plain noodles with parmesan until you’ve had it with olive oil and herbs grown right on the land where you’re sleeping.

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