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Your pets are welcome but it’s your responsibility to be a mindful companion to your pet. Please make sure that your pet is quiet. Please clean up after it. Please be respectful of your fellow retreaters and keep your pet on a leash or contained. And keep an eye on your pet’s interaction with other animals on the land.

We have a farmdog Henry who is a gracious host to many visitors’ dogs, he likes to pal around with them, show them the area, and share his treats. He’s a genuinely kind animal who just wants to make other animals feel at home. If Henry has a bad feeling about a pet on the premises, we trust that and ask that you keep your pet contained to your lodging.

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Many of our guests come to us in an attempt to retreat from real life for a little while. Folks going through divorces, babymoons, mental health retreats, yoga practitioners looking for some quiet, one woman called to tell us “I need a quiet place to do GRE Exam Prep” WE are happy to accommodate all sorts of retreats whether it’s a solo journey or you want to rent out the whole place for a while.

We’re willing to work with you to plan the perfect weekend, week, or month. What we offer is quiet, solitude, and oneness with the natural world. We get lots of city folks coming to visit, looking to get away from it all but then spend the entire time here responding to work emails, checking Instagram, etc. We’ll even lock up your phone for ya!

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One thing we MUST share with all potential visitors is our wild hours!  

 Because we are a working farm with a collection of farm animals, we have pretty early hours. A standard day may have a 6:30 or 7:00 wake-up call followed by a 7:30 or 8:00 farm breakfast. The rest of your day will be planned from there, and evening tasks usually end around 6:30pm to allow for a 7:30pm dinner and a 10:00pm quiet hours 


So this is not an ieal stop for late-night tourists – those of you who love to check out night markets, nightclubs, bottle service, etc. We have a ton of respect for that type of tourism and would be happy to get you in touch with some folks we know who conduct such tours for before, after, or in place of your visit at Acompte. 

 As a sidenote, we serve local wines and beers to accompany meals. Beyond that, you’ll want to bring your own alcohol if this is not suitable.  


We encourage anyone ever traveling abroad to study the language used there before arriving – not necessarily because you’ll need it, but mostly because you’ll feel a little more comfortable if your ears and brain are more used to hearing that language than suddenly stepping off a plane and being completely disoriented.   

I highly suggest DuoLingo – the free app-based language-training program that can take 5 minutes or 5 hours a day depending on your commitment level. It helps with those few hours you’ll spend alone at a train station looking for your tracks or at a café trying to order espresso and pain au chocolate. It helps you more thoroughly integrate into the culture you’re visiting. And it’s a real gift to the folks who will be helping to ensure you have a great trip.   

We also include some small duty-specific language courses into our work. So if you’re working to help cultivate honey one day, we’ll prep you in the morning with a one-hour language training course specific to bees and honey cultivation. We feel that this better helps you integrate and feel like the work you’re doing is dually enriching!  

Common Areas!

Besides just the 7 suites, lofts, and studios we have available for visitors, there are many common areas and amenities for guest use. The spa facilities are open for guest use at any time with massage and other spa treatments available as part of guest booking. In our spa treatments we use as many locally sourced products as we can, all of which are available for sale should any work particularly well for a guest. We also offer morning yoga – included in the booking – at different levels for guests. Just let us know at check in whether you’ll be joining us!


The pool is available for every guest even for those guests booked in a room with a private pool. We just ask that guests don’t bring more than 2 visitors to share the pool.


We offer classes for any of the projects we’re working on. So if we’re making olive oil, lavender cheesecake, or honey goat’s milk – you’re invited to come along and participate or observe. Our greatest hope is that small processes we do at the hotel might translate well to your life back at home!


You can’t possible expect to visit Southern France without indulging in the rich local olives we grow on and surrounding the property. My father considers the olive grove as much one of his children as my brother and me. He tends to it like it’s an infant needing attention and maintenance. He talks about the olive grove like it has feelings and thoughts. Instead of, “I gotta water the grove” he’ll proclaim proudly at breakfast, “The grove seems thirsty so I’ll be spending most of the day with her.”


He also takes great care to maintain the Olive Loft – the most family-oriented of our lodging options. The Olive Loft is a three-bedroom full apartment with three large bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and entertainment room. It’s two stories with the master suite on the top floor looking out over the olive grove and the two bedrooms and two bathrooms situated around the entertainment room downstairs – both downstairs bedrooms have sliding doors out to the private pool. And each downstairs bedroom is about sixteen steps to the house’s wood-burning fireplace.


We do offer the meal-planning option for this loft including a kid-specific menu. Local fresh peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches are always available. And you haven’t had plain noodles with parmesan until you’ve had it with olive oil and herbs grown right on the land where you’re sleeping.


My brother handled procuring and maintains the beehive and the Bee Studio. The Bee Studio is a 600 square foot studio apartment style lodging. It features floor to ceiling windows that look over the huge open field where the sun sets each evening. There’s an exposed king sized bed separated from the kitchen and dining area with just some open bookshelves from which guests can take and leave books as they need.

The kitchen and dining setup is great for couples who want to come stay in rural France spending their days exploring and hiking and the evenings cooking their own meals, and still receive hotel guest amenities and services. One of the offerings for this room is some meal plan options. Before you arrive, you’ll complete a questionnaire about your dietary restrictions and meals you’d like during your time here. Each day when we turn down your room for the evening, we’ll leave your fixings and instructions for tomorrow’s Breakfast and Lunch, and when we make up your room each morning, we’ll leave the same for that evening’s Dinner. No need to do dishes or get groceries – we’ll handle all that while you spend your time together!

We’ll also make sure that most of your meals include honey procured from our very own beehives. The last thing you want while travelling is an unexpected illness – consuming the honey from local bees can often help build immunity to allergens and illnesses. Not to mention, it’s delicious whether by the spoonful, in honey, or glazing a fresh piece of salmon.


Besides fruits, vegetables, and a small animal farm, we’re really proud of our recently added olive grove, lavender field, and beehive. The Acompte family has been running – and improving – this farmland for over 300 years. It was 1945 when my grandmother Lourdes decided she wanted to open the home and land up to visitors.

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In the time since then, the family has been working to maintain this hotel to our standards. Each year we try to add one significant element to the hotel and we divide up so that a different family members manages each addition. I took the lead on the lavender field because since childhood, nothing has ever seemed as romantic to me as a lavender field. The color and the smell are so calming and I loved the image of my life tending to them.


We use the lavender in as many things as we can – teas, bath salts/bombs, spa treatments, baking, cocktails, etc. And I maintain the Lavender Room – a family suite including a master suite with a king sized bed and beautiful master bathroom and an adjoined room with two full-sized beds and a small connected bathroom. The décor of the suite is the calming vibe of lavender, light purple sheets, bright white linen duvets, bright light bath linens, light wood features and golden brass fixtures. Amenities include an essential oil diffuser beside each bed and a checklist so you can let the turndown service representatives know how you’d like it filled when they’re turning down your bed.