My brother handled procuring and maintains the beehive and the Bee Studio. The Bee Studio is a 600 square foot studio apartment style lodging. It features floor to ceiling windows that look over the huge open field where the sun sets each evening. There’s an exposed king sized bed separated from the kitchen and dining area with just some open bookshelves from which guests can take and leave books as they need.

The kitchen and dining setup is great for couples who want to come stay in rural France spending their days exploring and hiking and the evenings cooking their own meals, and still receive hotel guest amenities and services. One of the offerings for this room is some meal plan options. Before you arrive, you’ll complete a questionnaire about your dietary restrictions and meals you’d like during your time here. Each day when we turn down your room for the evening, we’ll leave your fixings and instructions for tomorrow’s Breakfast and Lunch, and when we make up your room each morning, we’ll leave the same for that evening’s Dinner. No need to do dishes or get groceries – we’ll handle all that while you spend your time together!

We’ll also make sure that most of your meals include honey procured from our very own beehives. The last thing you want while travelling is an unexpected illness – consuming the honey from local bees can often help build immunity to allergens and illnesses. Not to mention, it’s delicious whether by the spoonful, in honey, or glazing a fresh piece of salmon.

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